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How Do I Burn a Keynote Slideshow To DVD?

I have 5 Keynote slideshows I want to burn to DVD. Have managed to save to iCloud Keynote and can play them on my iPad (Air 2) successfully. So they should play Ok to TV via Apple TV here at home.
However, I still need to burn to DVD, hopefully without much loss of colour via QuickTime, that I have been reading about. I feel sure you will have some answers for me Gary.
I do still have iDVD on my Mac if that is any help.
Many thanks in advance. Val
Valerie Irani

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    4 years ago

    If you export as QuickTime as you suggestion, you can do it. Just create a project in iDVD and drag and drop the movie file into it. Should be pretty straight-forward. I don’t have iDVD on any of my Macs anymore, so I can’t be more specific.
    Note that DVDs are standard definition (720×480) so you will see much lower resolution from a DVD than you would be playing on your Apple TV or any other method. Perhaps consider something like sharing via YouTube instead?

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