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How Do I Buy a Vertical Mac Monitor?

I want to add a second monitor and use it vertically. Many ads don’t say if they will work with Apple or if they can be mounted vertically.
Using a 2014 iMac with upgraded graphics – but not for gaming.
Terry Gibson

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    2 years ago

    Screens are platform agnostic. They work on Macs, Windows, Linux, etc. No one makes Windows-only screens or anything like that. You do make it easier if you get a screen that uses DisplayPort ports, with is a standard now across all platforms, and almost all do. Occasionally you'll find a weird one that uses HDMI only, which will work if you have the right cable, but isn't optimal. So I would avoid that.

    As for using them vertically, any screen can. It is just a setting in System Preferences, Displays. But the problem is that some screens come with a stand that only allows you to sit the screen on your desk in a horizontal position. So look for "rotation" or "rotating" or "tilt" or "fully adjustable stand" in the descriptions.

    However, if the screen is also VESA-mountable, as many are, you can toss the stand and get your own VESA-stand or desk or wall mount. It is just an extra expense. There are plenty of screens on sale at Amazon that come with stands that allow them to tilt/rotate 90 degrees though.

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