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How Do I Calculate Age Ranges In Numbers?

Hey i am trying to use numbers for my family history research, i am trying to compile a list of names and calculate ages between births, marriages and deaths. I am not very smart when it comes to using numbers and i cant work out the formulas between cells.
i have tried googling to help but i cannot find a video that is specific to my problem Thanks

as above im trying to get age outcomes from numbers

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    2 years ago

    When you have two dates, all you need to do to calculate the days between them is to subtract them. So if B2 is the early date and C2 is the later date, then C2-B2 gives you the duration of time between those dates, in days.

    If you want years, use YEARFRAC. So YEARFRAC(B2,C2) would give you the number of years and a fractional value for the number of days between years. So 40.5 would mean 40 and a half years. You could always surround the YEARFRAC with FLOOR to round down to get an age too, or ROUND to get the duration rounded to the closet year.

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