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How Do I Cancel a Mail Drop When Cancel Is Not Given As an Option?

I am using Mojave 10.14.3. I was trying to send a 7 min. video to a friend. Got a message cannot send through email because it is too big. Asked if I wanted to use Mail Drop through iCloud. I never used this before. So I tried it. Saw that the blue line on left side was hardly moving so I tried to cancel but could not find a way to cancel. After about an hour or so I got a message saying Unable to send attachment with Mail Drop Try again Later with a big blue OK box at the bottom right corner.
Where is my option to CANCEL ?? This infuriates me so much. The option you want is never available. I can’t delete the email or delete the video in the email since it is Frozen with that message pop up. I will never use Mail Drop ever again. The Help does NOT help. It rarely ever does.
And this is supposed to be user friendly??
You have to be a computer wizard to know how to do things without having problems.

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    2 years ago

    I’ve never run into this issue. For me, MailDrop just works without any such prompts. I wouldn’t write the whole feature off just because of one issue.

    How large was the video (file size?). You can always use QuickTime Player to export a smaller version before sending. Or, upload to YouTube (unlisted or private) too, since even if you get to send the video, the person on the other end may have a problem receiving a massive file.

    For now, why not just force-quit Mail?

    2 years ago

    Hi Gary. The IMG size is 414.7MB but Message Size: said in red 420.1 MB (max. 70 MB). I just want to get rid of this frozen email. I tried to Force Quit Mail. That is not working either. I tried to quit mail on my bottom dock and at top Mail. I get a boop noise and the OK box going from white to Blue. I tried to force Shut Down. I get another pop up message saying Mail interrupted shut down.To continue..quit mail with Try Again and Cancel as options. But I just get the same response over & over

    2 years ago

    Sue: How are you trying to force-quit Mail? Command+Option+Escape should absolutely work.
    Oh, and 420MB (.4 GB) is too big to send to someone. I would be mad if someone sent me a huge file like that. Either compress it in QuickTime Player first, or use a video system like YouTube. Or, consider just sharing the file via iCloud or DropBox, etc.

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