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How Do I Cancel iCloud Drive but Retain Files On My Computer?

I have used iCloud Drive for about 2 months, paying on a monthly basis. I wish to cancel the subscription. How do I do that? And will all my files be retained on my computer as they were?
Loree Muldowney

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    3 years ago

    First, note that the basic iCloud Drive functionality and a small amount of space (5GB currently) are free. So you really don’t want to “cancel” iCloud Drive. You want to downgrade from whatever storage level you are using now to the free 5GB level.
    So if you have less than 5GB of stuff stored in iCloud Drive, then there is really nothing to do. Just change to the free level and you are set.
    If you have more than 5GB, then you’ll probably want to remove things from iCloud Drive before doing that.
    It is hard for me to tell you what to do beyond that without knowing where you are using space. For instance, if it is all photos in an iCloud Photo Library, then you want to switch that to a local photo library. If it is all iCloud Drive space — files you have saved to iCloud Drive, then you want to move those to your local hard drive. Or at least enough to get well under 5GB. If you are using the “Desktop & Documents” option of iCloud Drive, you want to turn that off, then move the files from the iCloud Drive left-over Documents and Desktop folders to your local drive.
    You get the idea. Basically, move things off iCloud Drive until you are safely under 5GB. Then switch to the free level.

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