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How Do I Capture Frames From Videos?

In Photos can I capture a frame from a video and make a single, editable photo to print without using another app?
Cecil Kelley

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    11 months ago

    You can’t do it directly in he Photos app. But you can do it. One way is to select the video in Photos, then choose Image, Edit With, QuickTime Player. Then go to the frame you want. Then Command+C to copy.

    Now that you have a copy of that frame in the clipboard buffer, you just need to paste it into something. You can use your favorite image editor, or just Preview. Preview even has a File, New From Clipboard menu command. Then save the created file where you want. If you want it back into Photos as a frame, then drag and drop the file into there.

    Note that this will likely be a lot lower resolution than a normal photo. A 1080p video frame is 1920×1080. Compared to a 4032×3042 or a 6000×4000 (my iPhone and my DSLR) it is much lower quality. So it is always best to take an actual photo when you can, and not rely on a video frame as a photo.

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