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How Do I Carry My MacBook?

Hi, Gary. I would like to know if it it safe to carry around a MackBook Air M1 (such as putting it into a backpack while riding my motorbike to work) while just putting the computer into sleep mode, or is it a preferable to shut down the computer when I want to move it more than just around a room? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Every day, I have to carry my macbook from home to work and vice versa

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    2 years ago

    It is perfectly OK to move your MacBook Air while it is sleeping. That's exactly how you are supposed to do it. Just close the lid and go.

    The only reason you need to shut down your MacBook is if you aren't going to be using it at all for an extended period of time, like more than a week. Otherwise, just close it and let it sleep.

    Bob Gerard
    2 years ago

    I am at a beautiful 2017 MB Pro that a gal put in backpack, and somehow put enough pressure on to squeeze the top of it and destroy the screen. The bottom half of the screen is now covered in a wavy-line pattern rendering it just about useless. She gave it to me in the hopes that I might be able to fix it cheaply. Nope. Even a kit from iFixit is going to cost just over $600, so might as well replace it.
    So, if you put in in your backpack for heaven's sake put it in a case or sleeve.

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