Forum Question: How Do I Change a File Name In Finder?

Oftentimes when I receive attached files, there is a nondescript name given to the attached document. Often after I have saved the attached file to a folder I wish to rename the file to a more appropriate name. In my previous PC days, we had the option of highlighting the name and then right-clicking to a menu that gave us the option to ‘rename’. How do I accomplish this on my Mac?
Mark Faus

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    3/24/12 @ 6:49 pm

    The simplest way to do it with a file in OS X is select it, press Return. This highlights the name and you can start typing a new one.
    Alternatively after you select a file and wait a second (so as to avoid a double click) you can click on its name and then it highlights and you can type a new one.

    8/8/12 @ 4:29 pm

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