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How Do I Change a Folder Appearance?

Hi Gary I found your session on how to change a folder appearance great. Emoji etc = fun. But for the life of me I cannot get the folder appearance to change to an image. All I can have is the Preview icon. Tried jpg, png, pdf. And other than frustrating, it is a real shame, as this would be perfect.

I am no dummy, but is there a setting of something that I have missed? Screen shots I can show if you need

Thanks as always, for partner in the Stickies Project
Graham Shepherd

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    5 years ago

    First, are you in Icon View? Or are you talking about the smaller icons you get next to the name in List and Column View? I'll assume you are in Icon View.

    Next, check the setting for this. In the Finder, with the folder you want open in the Finder window you have at the front, choose View, Show View Options. Then look for the checkbox item "Show icon preview." Without that checked, you'll just get default icons, and not thumbnails for things like jpg, png and pdf files.

    Graham Shepherd
    5 years ago

    DUH. My Bad. I will pay more attention in class. Thanks as always

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