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How Do I Change a PDF To TIFF That Is CMYK Not RGB Color?

When I use Preview to change a pdf to a tiff it changes the file to RGB instead of CMYK color. I used to have an Adobe product that did this for me but I can not find anything since updating to Catalina.

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    4 years ago

    I didn't know that a PDF file could be RGB vs CMYK. I think of these in terms of image files, but not PDF files. I don't even know how to create a PDF that is CMYK to test. When I open an image in Preview, I can see the Color Profile as RGB or CMYK. But I don't even see a color profile for PDF files.

    But I was able to create a CMYK image (jpeg) easily enough, open it in Preview and export. However, it appears that the TIFF export only uses RGB. So I would assume that you need a pro-level product to be able to export to TIFF and specify CMYK or RGB.

    I'd assume that Adobe Photoshop would do it. I see that Acorn can (at least it can export a jpeg image as a TIFF CMYK, but I wasn't able to open a PDF). Pixelmator Pro did it for me (Open PDF, convert to image, export as TIFF with "Generic CMYK").

    Perhaps if I know why you needed to convert a PDF file to a CMYK TIFF file I could suggest more solutions. Is there some site you need to upload to that insists on that format?

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