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How Do I Change How a Folder Looks

i would like to change how a folder looks i.e. they are all blue
can i change the colour or write on them or even in there respective tags

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    6 years ago

    You can change how a folder, or even a file, looks in the Finder pretty easily.
    Select the folder, and then “get info” on it. You can do this using File, Get Info or simply Command+I.
    At the top of the info window, you will see the icon for the folder or file. You can select it. Once selected, you can paste another graphic in its place.
    So the trick is to copy a graphic first, then select the folder, get info, and paste over the icon.
    You can make your own folder graphic in an image editing tool like Photoshop or Pixelmator. Or, you can often find good icons on the web. Just search for “mac folder icons” or something like it. Then copy and image you want with Command+C and paste it into the icon in the info window.
    Here is a tutorial to watch:

    6 years ago

    Thanks, Gary – for the shortcuts and link to video/tutorial. Changing appearance old hat; doing it more efficiently = betterrer.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    6 years ago

    The site is Samuco,and you buy an App called Coloured Folders Extreme.
    You just toss an icon what you want to make a folder of, in a window,and in a couple of seconds it appears on your desktop. I bought the 3 items to do with folders.

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