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How Do I Change iTunes To Another Hard Drive?

Hi everyone. I have an iMac with two internal hard drives. A 250GB and a 1TB. The 250GB is already full. Only have 5GB left. The 1TB has 422GB free of space. In some applications such as iTunes, I’m not able to do a simple back up of my iphone because it tells me that I don’t have enough space in the computer. I guess this is because iTunes is installed in the 250GB that has no space. How do I control where iTunes saves backups?


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    5 years ago

    What is it you are trying to do, specially?
    1. Are your iPhone backups taking up too much space?
    2. Is your iTunes library taking up too much space? If so, what is using the space, specially?
    3. Is something else taking up too much space?

    I'm trying to figure out if moving your iTunes library is really what you are asking. You can certainly move it by just quitting iTunes, moving the iTunes folder from your local Music folder to your external drive. Then starting iTunes with the Option key held down to select the new location.

    But this won't solve your problem unless it is your iTunes library using a lot of space. What size is that folder?

    5 years ago

    Hi Gary. Thanks for your quick response.

    1. I already deleted all old backups I had in iTunes. My current one will be a 119GB in space.
    2. My iTunes library in this computer is really small. so, that won't be the problem. I have some pictures. documents and videos that I'm moving to the 1TB hard drive, but still don't have enough space. I've been able to free 70GB of the 250GB hard drive. I don't know what else is taking that much space.

    5 years ago

    Lorenzo: If your iTunes library is small, then moving your iTunes library won't help. Mobile (iPhone) backups are not stored there. They are stored in your Library folder and I don't think you can change that short of tampering with some lower-level settings.
    If your iPhone backup is that big, and your Mac's drive is that small, then you should probably not be backing up your iPhone to your Mac. Perhaps use iCloud backup instead. Or, maybe go through what you have on your iPhone to get that backup size down.

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