Forum Question: How Do I Change My Mac Password In OS Lion?

In a brief moment of stupidity I installed MacKeeper yesterday and while using it typed in my password. Luckily I found out quite soon that I needed to dump Mackeeper and after quite some time successfully uninstalled it. Now I’m thinking it might be smart to change my password, however I don’t know exactly how to.
I’m using Lion on a MacBook Pro from 2010.

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    1/18/12 @ 7:38 am

    First, I doubt there is any reason to be alarmed. Mac Keeper isn’t something I recommend — most Mac users just don’t need it so it is a waste of money. And their marketing is a little pushy. But Ive never heard that it is a malicious program beyond that.
    To change the password for your user account in Lion, go to System Preferences. Then select Users & Groups. Select your user on the left. Then click the Change Password button on the right.

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