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How Do I Change My Photo That Appear On My Sent Mails On Apple Mail

Hi Gary,
I want to change my photo that, by default, is inserted on the upper right corner, next the date, on my sent emails, on Apple Mail.
I’ve tried several ways and I don’t know how is it done.
All of your orientation will be appreciated.
José Couto

José Couto

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    4 years ago

    Typically, that photo is not something that is "sent." When you view an email, the image in your contact in the Contacts app is used there. It matches with your email address for that contact.

    So if you get an email from person A, and you have a contact for A in your Contacts app, and that contact has a picture too, then it is shown there.

    So it is not sent. Rather it is taken from the Contacts app on YOUR computer. If the person receiving the email has a contact for you with a different picture, then they will see that picture. Or, more likely, they will have no picture in their Contacts app and will just see your initials. Or, maybe just the first letter of your email address.

    That is assuming that they are even on a Mac and using Apple's Mail app. Otherwise, they will see whatever their email application chooses to show them. Maybe nothing.

    But for you to change it so that you see something different when reviewing the messages you send, just go to the Contacts app and change it there.

    José Couto
    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary for your help.
    I probably didn't explain myself well.
    What I want is to change MY PHOTO that appears in the emails I send.
    This is an old photo of mine that I want to update.

    4 years ago

    José: Unless you are attaching a photo, or have gone to the trouble of adding a photo to your signature, then you aren't sending a photo. See my original response.

    José Couto
    4 years ago

    Please, let me say it, in another way.
    My old photo that I want to change to a new one, and I can't, is not an attachment.
    This old photo of mine appears in every email I send, in the upper right corner, next to the date, by default, and it doesn't match the one in My Contacts and in My Apple ID, which is the one I want to have on my sent emails.

    4 years ago

    José: It should match the one in your Contacts. Are you sure you are looking at the right contact? Check any that use your email address. Actually, check them all and see if any are using that photo you see. Other things:
    Are your "from" and "reply-to" the same in your email?
    What service is the email address from? Apple? Gmail? Something else?
    Is it an actual photo? Or a Memoji?

    José Couto
    4 years ago

    It don't match the one in my Contacts, which is the one I have on my Apple ID and the one when I wake up this my MacBook Pro.
    It is the same old photo of mine on my "from" and "reply-to" emails.
    I have three Apple email addresses:
    (1) ***** (Apple ID), that resend to (2)
    (2) *****; the one I use, normaly, and
    (3) *****, that resend to (2)
    My email service is from Apple Mail app on macOS Catalina, Version 10.15.2
    An old photo not a Memoji.

    4 years ago

    José: I should point out that those are all really one email address., and are the same email server, all mapped to each other.
    Did you check every contact in your Contacts app to see if any one matched the picture. Look at every single one. You may have a duplicate in there using one of those email addresses.
    Also, make sure you check thoroughly. You could have an old "On My Mac" contact in addition to iCloud-stored contacts.
    Of course I wouldn't worry too much about this anyway, since you are the only one who sees this picture.

    José Couto
    4 years ago

    Thank you very much Gary for your orientation and help.
    Tomorrow I'm going to check all this.
    Now I have to go to sleep, because, here at Porto, Portugal, is 3:11 am...
    If I couldn't resolve this, I will contact you again.
    BTW, Merry Christmas, and thanks again.

    José Couto
    4 years ago

    It is solved!
    I have several "My Contacts", that I've deleted, with that my old photo...
    Thank you very much, again.

    4 years ago

    This doesn't need to post, Gary, but I wanted to pat you on the back for your long, helpful, & understanding responses to José!

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