Forum Question: How Do I Change Settings On an Old Airport

I have regularly changed channels on my airport to find the fastest one. Airport Utility 5.6 is no longer supported in Mountain Lion. Is there a work around?

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    8/16/12 @ 7:36 am

    You can certainly still change channels using Airport Utility 6.
    You’ll find it if you go to the Wireless section. Then click on the Wireless Options button at the bottom of that screen.
    You can set your 2.4 and your 5Ghz channel, changing it from automatic to a specific channel if you like. Though automatic should use the best channel without you needing to set this specifically.

    8/16/12 @ 7:54 am

    The network speed directly out of the modem is 13, but is only 8.5 when it reaches the computer. When I try to open the airport utility it won’t open. It just tells me that the airport is not supported and I need Utility 5.6. When I download that, it tells me it is not compatible with Mountain Lion. What am I missing? Time Warner says its not their problem–which it really isn’t.

      8/16/12 @ 8:15 am

      You need Airport Utility 6 if you have Mountain Lion. It should be there, installed as part of Mountain Lion. The steps I described above are for 6.
      You can also find it here:

        8/16/12 @ 8:24 am

        I can download it, but it gives me the same message that 5.6 did–It cannot be installed on this disk. Not supported. What am I missing?

          9/2/12 @ 9:07 pm

          You can extract 5.6 and install it using Pacifist. Once you’ve dragged and dropped the downloaded file into Pacifist, go to Contents (blahblah) ->Contents (blahblah) -> Applications -> Utilities ->Airport Utility Right click Airport Utility, Install to Default Location, and it should show up in your Utilities folder next to the current Airport Utility.

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