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How Do I Change the Default Settings In Pages?

How do I change the default Format and Document Settings in Pages? For instance, I want to change the default size font from 13 to 16. Right now I am satisfied with the Times New Roman font, but I may want to change that as well in the future. Also, in Document Settings, Header and Footer are always checked. I would like to uncheck them permanently, as well as permanently change the margin settings.
Sue H.

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    2 years ago

    Create a new document. Set all of the Paragraph Styles, Character Styles and other things to your liking. Save that as a new template. Then when you create your next document, start with that template instead of the Blank one or whichever you have been using.

    2 years ago

    If it is just the text size to be set as a default (and not font or other styles), there is a setting in Pages > Preferences > General (at least on macOS version, I have not looked on iOS / iPadOS).

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