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How Do I Change the Highlighted Fields In My Calendar Back To Blue or Purple?

Mac OS Calendar –

I am completely freaking out after not knowing how or why the highlights in my calendar settings have changed from blue to red. Little things like this cause my eyes and brain to go nutty.

I’m not talking about the day/weekly view of events that I have color coded for different categories of personal, business, etc.; I’m talking about when you click on an event to create or edit it and the field you’re on or tabbing to is highlighted a certain color. Even the checkboxes themselves are highlighted red in the Preferences pop-out window.

I checked all the settings in Calendar Preferences, and I also checked System Preferences and can’t get the highlight to change back. (There is a setting in general appearance that has a highlight option, but it doesn’t change what I’m seeing in the calendar.)
Dina R. D’Alessandro

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    2 years ago

    Each app has its own highlight color. When you go to System Preferences, General, you'll see Highlight Color. If that is set to the first option, "Accent Color," then it matches the accent color setting right above it. If that is set to the first option, the multi-color wheel, then each app has its own color it uses. The Calendar app uses red.

    So all you need to do is to change the Highlight Color there in System Preferences and that will override the Calendar setting and use that color instead. It will also use that same color for other apps as well. There's no way to tell the system to only override it for just one app.

    You mentioned that you tried this, but it is definitely where this setting is located. Perhaps try quitting and relaunching Calendar after changing it in System Preferences.

    Dana Stevens
    2 years ago

    Eureka! Thank you for asking the question Dina. Changing the Accent color from Multicolor to Blue changed the Calendar app selection highlighting from Red to Blue for me. Changing the Highlight color did not seem to affect the color of selected items in the Calendar app, but changing the Accent color did work for me. Thanks for answering the question Gary. I’m so happy to be rid of the Red Calendar selection highlighting.

    Dina R. D’Alessandro
    2 years ago

    Thanks, Gary, and I'm so glad this worked for you, Dana! Unfortunately, for me, there might be a bigger issue. I closed out, relaunched, made sure my oS was up to 12.2.1, etc., but no matter what I change in System Prefs, it keeps defaulting back to that "accent color". Even my trackpad scroll direction keeps going back to check (from unchecked). At least I feel validated for knowing where the changes were to be made, so now I've got to figure out why my computer has a mind of its own. Sigh.

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