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How Do I Change TIFF To JPEG In Photos?

Gary, how do I convert my TIFF images to JPEG within Apple Photos?

I have changed the setting within my iOS (iPhone 11) but not sure if similar can be done on my 2017 Mac.

50% of my photo collection are TIFF. Something I decided to do at the beginning because I thought tiff best for images I was going to alter.

I’m trying to reduce the storage as much as I can now.

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    2 years ago

    There's no way to just tell Photos you want to convert the images and replace the TIFF files you have now with JPEG ones. But you can export from Photos as JPEG images, and then re-import those exported photos back in. Then delete your originals. I would maybe archive your entire Photos library to an external drive for safe-keeping before doing this, so you always have the high-quality TIFF photos if you want them.

    Use File, Export, then select JPEG as the kind and be sure to include Title, Keywords, Description and Location Information.

    You can also click on the arrow next to Photo Kind and set the Quality (Maximum, I assume) and Size (Full Size).

    One problem will be that if you have organized by albums or tags, you'd lose these. Not sure how important that is to you.

    Moving forward, you may want to set your iPhone to use HEIC instead of JPEG. You'll get better quality and smaller files. The only drawback is older systems won't be able to read HEIC since it is fairly new. But you can still use Photos to export JPEG in situations where you need them.

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