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How Do I Choose the Right Monitor for My MacBook Pro Retina?

I have a 2012 MacBook Pro Retina running Mojave. I’m looking for a suitable Monitor. I’m told I need a 2560×1600 with a mini Display Port, but this combination seems to be very unusual, and a Google search doesn’t pay attention to the 2560 x 1600 criterion. Do you have any suggestions as to specific models that would work? Thank you.
John B

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    3 years ago

    Who told you that you needed 2560x1600? You can get screens of various sizes, it doesn't have to be something specific. That's a fine size, and maybe the maximum for the graphics in this model, but you can probably go with a more standard 1920x1080 size and there would be many more scenes to choose from.

    If it is Mini DisplayPort that comes out of your MacBook, then that mainly matters for the cable. But I wouldn't buy a screen today that didn't have DisplayPort IN, so look for that (Mini DisplayPort or DisplayPort: It would only matter for the cable you get to go between your Mac and the screen). You could get a screen that has HDMI in, and then use a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable, but in my experience the best way to go is to stick with DisplayPort all the way.

    I'd just look for a decent cheap 1920x1080 screen. Tons of those available. A search on Amazon for "computer screen 1920x1080" comes up with tons of them. Go with Dell or Samsung if you want a brand name.

    The main thing to think about then would be the size. You can get a 23-inch or a 27-inch and things in-between. Same number of pixels, just a different scale

    John B
    3 years ago

    Thank you for the super-swift response! I was "told" that 2560x1600 is the 15" Retina screen res. and I would need a monitor with the same res. Sounds like that isn't the case? And am I correct in thinking that Mini DisplayPort and a Thhunderbolt Port are accessed with the same cable?

    3 years ago

    John: No there is definitely no "required" resolution, just a maximum one. 2560x1600 may be the maximum considering it is a older model. Mini DisplayPort is the same "shape" as Thunderbolt 1 or 2 ports (but not Thunderbolt 3, which is USB-C-shaped). So just a plain Mini DisplayPort is what you need on that end of the cable if all you are connecting to your Mac is a screen. Then the other end should match your screen. Some have Mini DisplayPort, some have DisplayPort (much bigger "shape") and some have both.

    Anita Rigoni
    3 years ago

    I am using a FHD with my MacBook Pro 18 but the fonts are very fuzzy. So I am trying a larger resolution

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