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How Do I Choose What Folders To Migrate To My New Mac?

In the past when I have migrated from an old Mac to a new one I have just let the Migration utilities do their thing because I am not sure what folders are imperative to move. Can you guide me through this?
Rhona R

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    2 years ago

    Why not choose them all? Is there some reason you don’t want files that were on your old Mac? If so, then it should be clear which files you don’t want. Otherwise, what is the reason to specifically NOT copy over some files?

    In most cases you just want to let Migration Assistant do its thing like you said. If you want to do a spring cleaning of your documents, I would do that separately, either before or after a migration.

    Milner Erlank
    2 years ago

    I have to migrate to a new internal hard disk. I have a problem with Mail. Despite accessing a lot of how to sources, I cannot get Mail to send emails or replies. If I migrate Mil, I suspect I will end up with the faulty settings again. So, is it
    possible to isolate Mail from the migration?

    2 years ago

    Milner: What type of email account is it? iCloud? Gmail? IMAP? POP? Have you tried simply deleting the account from your Mac and adding it again? I don’t think tinkering with migration is your solution here.

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