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How Do I Choose/use a VPN?

I’m betting that there is an online course, or publication about Macs and VPNs — how they work, how to set up, how to use. I’ve got an iPhone 7s with current OS, and will be traveling to London in the winter, so am looking for something I can use abroad as well as here in the US. While not a Mac newbie, I am an old fart, more cognizant of Macs innards from the old days, so I may require some further explanation of your most gratefully anticipated answer. Thanks in advance.
Nan Holcomb

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    3 years ago

    I don’t know about a whole course, but I did do a MacMost episode on VPNs recently. You can view it here:
    Most VPNs work worldwide as a lot of people use them for travel. In fact, a lot of them have servers in various parts of the world to make your access facts. So it would be typical for a VPN service to have a couple servers in the USA, one in Asia, one in Europe, etc. The software you install on your Mac would then either route the connection through the server that appears to be fastest from your location, or allow you to choose one so you can appear to be in the US even while you are in Europe, for instance.
    Most VPNs are good. Personally, I have been using Cloak for a while now. ( I’ve used it at home with public Wi-Fi, and while traveling outside of the US. A few other VPN services are also recommended by others at the video tutorial that I linked to above.

    Nan Holcomb
    3 years ago

    Thank you!!!!! Exactly what I was looking for. Even an Old Fart can set that up, which I did, and use it, which I am.

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