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How Do I Clean Out Unnecessary Cache?

Running Catalina on a 2019 iMac, what is the best way to clean out the cache?
Dan Callery

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    4 years ago

    Which cache? There are many. Do you mean your browser cache or something else?

    If you mean your browser cache, there is no need to clear it unless you have a specific problem. The point of the cache is to speed things up while browsing. When you go to a web page a second time, instead of all of the graphics and page objects loading that second time, they can come from your cache. That saves time and reduces the amount of bandwidth you use too. So cache is a good thing. That's why we have it.

    If you were to clean it out, then what would happen is the next time you view your most viewed pages, it would take longer and use more bandwidth, and then you'd end up with a cache that is the same size very quickly anyway.

    Keep in mind that browser cache files will be removed as they age. So only recent-visited web pages should be in the cache. You don't have to worry about something old hanging around.

    If you really want to clear out the cache, you can go to Safari, Preferences, and then Advanced. Click on Show Develop menu in the menu bar. Then you'll get a Develop menu. In there you'll find Empty Caches.

    Dan Callery
    4 years ago

    Thank you.

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