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How Do I Clean Up 2 GarageBand Icons On Launchpad?

I now have two icons for GARAGE BAND in my computer’s (HighSierra) Launchpad.

Clicking either one sends me to the program’s launching.

Why would this happen?
What should I do?

Fernando Gonçalves

Comments: One Response to “How Do I Clean Up 2 GarageBand Icons On Launchpad?”

    2 years ago

    It is hard for me to guess why this happened. Are you sure they are pointing to the same version of GarageBand? It is possible, for instance, to have the old version from several years back, and the current version, both on your Mac.

    What happens when you launch each one and then check the version number? Have you looked in your Applications folder to see if you have two there. Also, check in your user home folder. There is an applications folder there too, usually empty.

    If you click on each one of these, do you have two instances of GarageBand running? Or just one?

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