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How Do I “clear All Format” In Pages?

How to cancel all possible format from a text.
Juan Carlos

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    7 years ago

    It is an interesting question because there is no such thing as having "no format." Text has to have a font, a style, a size, etc. So removing formatting doesn't make sense -- it has to be something. Even "style" which you think of as bold, italics or underline would technically be "plain" when you remove those. It is just the way the buttons work in Pages and other apps that you see that as no format.
    So I assume you probably want it to simply be like your default text. So you can use the Pages styles to assign it the default "Body" style. Select the text, click the Format button at the top right if you don't already see the Format sidebar. Then choose Body from the paragraph style pop-up at the top of that sidebar.
    Of course, if you have been applying your own styles, then it may not be called Body, or you my have created your own style with another name to use throughout the document. But if not, then it is probably style you want.
    Other than that, you can simply type off bold, italics and underline. Then set the size and font face. It should only take a few seconds.

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