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How Do I Clear Out Mail Files and Attachments To Free Up Space?

Is there a way to clear out Mail from flash storage? Mail is taking up 90.69 GB of 121 GB available. Have already used Clean My Mac to free up some space, but it doesn’t seem to get at the Mail files and attachments. Where can I go to see the Mail files and attachments resident in Flash Storage; and erase the oldest????I have five years of old Mail and attachments hiding here somewhere.
Carolyn M.

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    4 years ago

    Don't bother with "cleaner" apps. If you want to clear out space in mail, there are a few things you need to do. First, look through your mail messages to spot the big ones. Sounds like you maybe have a few messages with some large attachments.

    In the Mail app, go to Mailbox, New Smart Mailbox. Then create a Smart Mailbox with a name like "Messages With Attachments." Then set the criteria to "Contains Attachments."

    Now you see all of your messages with attachments in one place. You can return to this Smart Mailbox at any time. Or, use it this one time and then delete it.

    In the Smart Mailbox, you can go through the messages and delete any one you don't need anymore. Or, select one and choose Message, Remove Attachments to remove the attachment but keep the message.

    You can also go to View, Column Layout and then see the messages in a list with a column for Size. (If you don't see Size, Control+click on any column heading and you can add it). Then you an click the header of the Size column to sort by size. Or, you can sort by Date Received if you like to get rid of the oldest.

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