Forum Question: How Do I Combat Time Machine Error While Backing Up To External Drive?

“Time Machine error – unable to complete, error occurred while copying to the back up volume”. I am trying to back up so that i may restore the MacBook. Genious at Apple told me to do this as I am unable to download iTunes 10.5 for my new iPhone 4s. Receive other errors that wont allow…. seems they “quit unexpectedly” Is there a fix for this? Mac OS X 10.5 to My Passport essential. I appreciate any help. Best-

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    10/24/11 @ 3:38 pm

    Is this a new Time Machine backup you are starting? Is there anything else on the drive? Is it a bigger drive than the one you are backing up?
    I would use Disk Utility and erase and re-initialize the drive. Then I would go into System Preferences, Time Machine and re-choose that drive and start fresh with a new backup.
    If it continues to happen, I would take it to a professional shop. You don’t want to do a backup and restore and have a problem like this mean you lose all of your data.
    I don’t see what you would need to do a backup and restore anyway. I would backup (always backup, you should be doing it all the time), and then simple re-install OS X. But not a clean install. Just a regular install over on top of your current one.

      10/24/11 @ 4:27 pm

      Gary – thanks so much for the prompt help… this is s new device (1st time back up) larger than the info i have on macbook. i think i better get thee to a professional…. its starting to seem more and more like theres a problem with the computer itself. Again thanks and best-

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