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How Do I Combine a Keynote Presentation With Live Video Chat?

I’ve been teaching at a small college for a number of years. My lectures are all slide based, using Keynote. It’s a large (374.8 MB) and lengthy (1,256 slides) presentation.

I’ve relocated several time zones away, and the college is interested in me continuing to teach the class remotely.

Both they and I are new to this concept, so we’re not sure what the best way to do it would be.

I’m familiar with FaceTime and Skype. And I’ve used Keynote Live to remotely play a presentation before (although I’m not sure if the large size would prohibit this feature in this case). What I don’t know how to do is combine the two into one.

I think what they want might be something similar to what you do with your picture-in-picture tutorials, or split screen, where they can minimize one side, alternately.

Can you recommend a way or an app that would be good for this scenario?

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    3 years ago

    You can simply use one of the many video conferencing presentation services. Lots of people teach and hold large meetings with these.

    For instance, is one that I have used to speak to Mac user groups remotely. But there are many others. You may also be able to use Google hangouts for this. Maybe Facebook live or YouTube live too. I’d look around at them all and see which ones can combine your webcam and your screen.

    The key for you may be allowing students to send you text chat and ask questions while you are presenting. Many offer that.

    You could also use these in conjunction with the OBS software ( where you can combine your screen and your camera any way you like, and then set that up as a stream to one of the streaming services it supports.

    3 years ago

    Wow, I guess I have a lot of research to do. I’m not on Facebook, but that still leaves a lot of options. I know a lot of people do this sort of thing, but I’m a newbie.

    2 years ago

    Discovered if I screenshare a 2nd display connected to my Mac on Google Hangout, I can play my Keynote presentation and see my presenter view on the primary display, while my class sees just the slides on Hangout. But they want to see my face too. I set up a scene with OBS to show both, but it doesn’t seem compatible with Hangout. Is there a way to stream OBS to VLC? Then I could screenshare VLC full screen on Hangout. All parties could see and hear everything they want to. Too off topic?

    2 years ago

    Cameron: I don’t know about streaming to VLC, check the OBS settings. If you are stuck with using Hangout, then that will be a big limitation to what you can do.

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