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How Do I Completely Remove “Zoom” From Catalina?

I have Catalina version 10.15.4 on my iMac. I followed MacMost’s “How To Uninstall Apps On Your Mac” instructions dated 8/16/19. “Zoom’s” web site did not have any instructions on removal of their Mac App. Therefore, I deleted the Zoom files in my “Applications” file, then in the Library-“Applications Support” I then deleted one file in the Library-“Preferences”.
Is there any additional steps necessary to verify this program is not on the computer?

This program was installed so my wife could connect to many of the libraries in our county. She is a member of the library board and it was recommended by a state agency to use this program. It was to be used for all library functions including children’s programs. After a FBI report on “Zoom”, there is quite a lot of questions on what program they will use. Many universities and schools have signed up to use Zoom. There seems to be quite a “scramble” going on around the US on what to do about this problem.

Edward Flisher

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    2 years ago

    Uninstalling Zoom is pretty straight-forward and a search for "how to uninstall zoom" came up with this official page right away:

    Basically, you just run Zoom, then there is an Uninstall option right there in the menu.

    I'd reconsider uninstalling, though. The main problem that the FBI had with Zoom was that people were starting video chats without a password -- then they were shocked when people could join their chat without a password!

    Zoom has had a few other privacy-related issues recently, which is to be expected since they are now the main player in this space. But they have responded swiftly and honestly about them, with patches within a day. Lots of companies have problems of this sort, even the big tech companies (Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Amazon, etc). I judge them by how honest they are about it and how fast they respond with patches and changes. So far, Zoom is doing very well in this respect, so they have my continuing patronage.

    Since you have bypassed the normal uninstall procedure, it will be hard to determine if you cleaned out every last file. It sounds like it, though. But as long as you aren't running Zoom, it really doesn't matter. For instance, the problem with starting a non-password-protected chat is not an issue if you are not chatting at all.

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