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How Do I Confirm Current Update Settings?

OS Mojave 10.14.3 MacBook Pro (late 2013) Pro Retina

To ensure that updates, which are automatically notified, are not automatically downloaded but allow me to decide when. If decided not updates advised are not appropriate, say iMovie not used or intended, how can they be removed from continuing to be advised as “Available “.

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    5 years ago

    In the Mac App Store app, in App Store, Preferences, you can check or uncheck "Automatic Updates." If you have that off, then it is up to you to go to the App Store app and do the updates. You can Control+click on a pending update and choose to hide it.

    However, I recommend against this. I can't see any good reason to refuse an update to an app. This could make the app incompatible with your Mac, leave you with bugs that the developer has fixed, or you could miss out on new features introduced. Worse, you could be stuck with security flaws that have been fixed. Even software that has nothing to do with security or private information can have important security fixes -- software is built on libraries of code and those libraries are updated constantly.

    I'd say that if you truly aren't using an app, then uninstall it from your Mac. Then you don't have to worry about updates. Otherwise, keep it updated. It is one of my primary rules for keeping your Mac secure: keep your OS and apps up-to-date.

    5 years ago

    How do we remove apps from the iCloud?

    5 years ago

    Robert: What are you asking, exactly? Apps aren’t stored in your cloud storage space. Are you looking to uninstall an app from your Mac or iOS device? Are you looking to remove it from your list of purchases in the App Store?

    5 years ago

    Gary, Thanks for your as usual, informative advice and the reasoning supporting it. It makes understanding and benefitting from it very useful. Thanks again.

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