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How Do I Connect 2 Screens Namely a VGA and HDMI?

I have 2 screens namely a Samsung VGA connection as well as a Dell HDMI that is connected to a thunderbolt (Unitek) with DVI, HDMI, Audio and VGA ports, once I connect the screens and i go to settings and then display I only see 2 screens, namely my MacBook Air as well as another screen and the tow monitors have the same information on it, how do I go about it to get it fixed that I see 3 screens?

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    2 years ago

    I’m not seeing the complete picture here. So you have a MacBook Air (which model and which ports does it have?). You are trying to connect 2 additional screens, a Samsung and a Dell. The Samsung only has VGA? And the Dell has Mini Displayport? (You said Thunderbolt, but I assume you mean Mini Displayport — it would look like a Thunderbolt port because they are shaped the same and compatible).

    Are these both connected to their own Thunderbolt ports on your MacBook Air? So the Dell is connected from Thunderbolt to… Mini DisplayPort? And the Samsung is using an adapter to go from Thunderbolt to VGA?

    Which screen works and which doesn’t? Does each screen work if it is the only one plugged in?

    It could be that your MacBook Air only has a good enough GPU only to run one more external screen. What are the screen sizes (pixels) of these two screens?

    2 years ago

    It is indeed a Mini display port and my MacBook Air is a 13 inch, 2017 model.

    I am trying to connect to additional screens namely the Samsung with a vga connection and the Dell with a HDMI connection.
    Both these cables are connected to a singal mini display port as my Macbook Air only has one displayport.
    Both screens are working but the information on both screens are excalty the same.
    The pixels on the Samsung is the maximum 1600×900
    The pixels on the Dell is 1920×1080

    2 years ago

    So it is all working, and you have 3 separate displays? But the only problem is that “both screens are exactly the same.” Can you explain more? Is one of the screens correct and the other not? The Samsung is 1600×900, and is it showing as 1600×900? The Dell is 1920×1080, and is it showing as 1920×1080?
    If not, what are these two screens showing as?

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