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How Do I Connect a Time Capsule Hard Drive To My Mac?

I use my time capsule hard drive to store my films and tv programes on I have connected to my MacBook by usb caddy and it showed up so it was easy to move files around and add thing I have tried to connect the hard drive again and it shows up as unreadable but the content is on there I use a 2015 MacBook Pro running Mojave connection by usb caddy our wifi is awfull any help would be appreciated
kevin wall

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    2 years ago

    Time Capsule is a networked drive. You connect to it over WiFi. If you are already connected to it as your network WiFi router then you use the Airport Utility app on your Mac, select the Time Capsule, click Edit, then Disks. Then you can check to see if it is all showing up OK. Make sure Enable file sharing is turned on. Then it should appear in the left sidebar in the Finder.

    So you are not using your Time Capsule for Time Machine backups?

    If you really want to have a fast external drive, then a networked drive isn’t the way to go. I’d pick up a USB3 external drive. They are fast and cheap.

    kevin wall
    2 years ago

    I take your point but I want to connect the disk drive out of the time capsule to my laptop via a usb caddy which I have done in the past to add delete and rearrange content eg films tv series etc then disconnect from the laptop and put back in the time capsule so I can watch it on my Apple TV with infuse if I remember rightly it showed up as two partitions but when I connect now it asks me to initialise or ignoramus’s or eject it will not mount and it has in the past any help appreciated.

    2 years ago

    kevin: So you had it working before, but it isn’t now? Hard for me to say what could be wrong as I don’t know what usb caddy you are using (and wouldn’t have it anyway to test). Maybe the cassy is broken or is no longer compatible with modern macOS?
    Why would the Wi-Fi be terrible if you are connecting from a 2015 MacBook directly to a Time Capsule? Aren’t you using the Time Capsule’s Wi-Fi? Still, it will be slower than USB.

    Seerious Fly
    2 years ago

    This Problem occur often with Time Capsule hard drive since upgrade to Sierra. Best solver to upgrade Time Capsule hard drive to SSD. Problem solve. Also to solve, can connect external hard disk drive to USB on Time Capsule.

    Must remember Time Capsule hard drive is 4 Time Machine. Not to act as NAS.

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