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How Do I Connect Three Monitors To 2019 MacBook Pro?

What adapter can I use to connect three monitors to my 2019 MacBook Pro?

I have three monitors that I need to connect.

Device: Mac Running Catalina

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    2 years ago

    You can just set a USB-C to Mini DisplayPort (or HDMI if you must) cable for each screen. So three cables and you've got it. But another way to go is to get something like a Dock. I don't know if there is one that works for 3 screens. I certainly see them for 2.

    Another way to go is an eGPU. See

    Julie Armstrong
    2 years ago

    Can they also be daisy chained? Monitor to monitor to computer? Is there a potential problem doing it this way?

    2 years ago

    Julie: Technically, yes. But I I've never tried it. You'd need a screen with a 2 Thunderbolt ports that support daisy-chaining.

    Mark Morris
    1 year ago

    How about usb-c to a couple of old DVI monitors? Do I need 2 adapters or a dock?

    1 year ago

    Mark: If you have 2 ports free, then two Mini DisplayPort (USB-C version) to DVI will do it. Otherwise, you'll need to some sort of dock to connect 2 displays to 1. But if the screens are so old they only have DVI, then they are probably not UHD (retina) so you may want to consider saving the money you would spend on cables and adapters and getting new modern screens anyway.

    Gwyn Pritchard
    1 year ago

    Hi Gary. Following on to this, I see you have two vertical monitors. I have a 2020 Mac Mini M1 and would love vertical monitors like this. Which ones would you recommend? Hey thanks: Gwyn

    1 year ago

    Gwyn: These aren't special screens. They are regular screens that I have turned on the side. Get whatever screens you want and just either make sure their stands allow them to be rotated 90 degrees, or provide your own mounts to hold them at 90 degrees. Then in System Preferences, Displays, you can set the rotation to 0, 90, 180 or 270.

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