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How Do I Connect Three Monitors To 2019 MacBook Pro?

What adapter can I use to connect three monitors to my 2019 MacBook Pro?

I have three monitors that I need to connect.

Device: Mac Running Catalina

App: Something Else

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    4 months ago

    You can just set a USB-C to Mini DisplayPort (or HDMI if you must) cable for each screen. So three cables and you’ve got it. But another way to go is to get something like a Dock. I don’t know if there is one that works for 3 screens. I certainly see them for 2.

    Another way to go is an eGPU. See

    Julie Armstrong
    4 months ago

    Can they also be daisy chained? Monitor to monitor to computer? Is there a potential problem doing it this way?

    4 months ago

    Julie: Technically, yes. But I I’ve never tried it. You’d need a screen with a 2 Thunderbolt ports that support daisy-chaining.

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