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How Do I Consolidate Messages Into One Single PDF Document On iPhone?

A friend has countless “incriminating” text messages from her ex on her iPhone (version unknown) and wants to consolidate them into a single PDF document for court-related purposes. She does not have a computer, unfortunately. (She could use a computer at school if absolutely necessary, but that would no doubt involve bringing a tech person into her confidence.)

Is there a way to create this PDF containing many, many text messages on her iPhone? She is hoping to avoid taking countless screenshots and having a zillion images in Photos.

Thanks, as always.
John Russell

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    2 years ago

    The way to do this would be to first start by taking screen grabs of the messages. So you are converting them to photos. She may have already done this.

    Then in the Photos app, view that album or All Photos, tap Select at the top and choose the photos. Then tap the Share button (box with up arrow) at the bottom. Choose Print. A preview will appear. Pinch outward on that preview with two fingers to expand it to fill the screen. Then tap the Share button at the top. Now select Save to Files. This saves a Pdf with those photos to her Files app (and iCloud Drive if she is using that). Then she can fo to the Files app and select the file, email it, etc.

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