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How Do I Continue To Use My Airport Time Capsule?

I had to recently change over my router to a new google router. The new router works better than the one I had in my Airport Time Capsule. I would like to continue to use my Airport Time capsule as just a back up only now. How do I do this without getting in the way of the new google router? I love the way the old Airport Time Capsule works as a backup. I can’t seem to find another backup like the Airport Time Capsule. Why did Apple drop the Airport Time Capsule? Do I just need a USB to USB cord from the ATC to my iMac? Thanks, Lisa

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    2 years ago

    There’s no easy way I can think of. Since you have an iMac, just get a new external hard drive. They are very cheap now so you can get one that is much much larger than what is probably in your old Time Capsule.

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    Gary: Would an Apple Time Capsule continue to back-up through Time Machine if it is connected to another router through a network cable and if the WiFi portion of it is disabled?

    2 years ago

    Douglas: I don’t think so. But I don’t have one to test so I don’t know for sure.

    2 years ago

    Douglas: That is exactly how i have my system set up. Loved my Time Capsule but wanted to switch to a mesh network. Just plugged Time Capsule into the mesh router via USB and turned off wifi. Backs up with Time Machine just like it did previously when it was my router.

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