Forum Question: How do I control which calendars are sync’d?

Until recently, I had a single collection of calendars (“ON MY MAC”). Syncing among my Mac, my iPhone, and Mobile Me worked perfectly. At some point, I acquired a duplicate set of calendars (“myname@ME.COM”). Only the latter set syncs. I can and do publish some of my “ON MY MAC” calendars but I cannot publish my myname@ME.COM. Most troubling, invitations in mail are posted to the “ON MY MAC” calendars so they don’t sync. How can I return to a single set of calendars that can be both published and sync’d?
Neill Craven

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    12/12/10 @ 1:03 pm

    Looks like you just have to experiment to fix the problem. Log into MobileMe (web-based interface) and see what is there. Try to delete the duplicate calendar — the one that isn’t working. At the same time check iCal on your Mac.
    It is hard to advise more specifically without actually being there to see it. You can always take your mac into the Genius Bar and work with someone first-hand to get it all straightened out.

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