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How Do I Convert .HEIC Image Files To .PDF ?

My MacBook is currently running Mojave 10.14.6. I recently joined Patreon and have been exploring how to turn .jpg files to .pdf because many of the photos I have are simply documenting items we have used for the house we have been renovating for the past five years (big job). I learned how to make the changes by watching videos and submitting a previous message. Now, I find that the new photos are in the .HEIC format. It says that I need to upgrade to Catalina to be able to open these files, but I have a conflict with my Microsoft Office. I am running an older version 2011 and don’t want to pay monthly fees for Excel 365. I think this is extortion. If I upgrade to Catalina I think I will need to bite the bullet on 365 monthly fees.
Am I missing something or just uninformed? I also have LibreOffice installed, but have not used it enough to fully understand it’s functionality and capabilities. I use Excel LOTS for many of my files.
Any help and/or guidance anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Dan Ekstrand

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    3 years ago

    First, note that you don't have to pay monthly for Microsoft Office. There is a "Office Home & Student 2019" version that is a one-time price. So you can finally upgrade from your very old version to a modern one. You'll need to do that eventually anyway, as you can't stay at Mojave forever.

    (As for thinking software subscriptions are extortion, well, that's another topic. As a software developer myself, I know the one-time-payment idea is not sustainable. Would you take a one-time-payment from your company and then agree to work "forever?" Software developers don't want to do that either.)

    As for converting HEIC files to PDFs, why does it have to be PDF? Wouldn't JPEG images make more sense? Mojave can handle HEIC images. You can export them out of the Photos app. You can also open them in Preview and then save out as JPEG.

    Also, note that you can still take JPEG images with your iPhone. Settings, Camera, Formats, Most Compatible.

    Dan Ekstrand
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any issue paying an initial fee for software that I need. I was just thinking that I needed to go to 365 an pay an ongoing fee. Going to the one you suggested sounds like exactly hat I need to do. I upgraded my Mac to Catalina immediately after my mail post. I was not able to find where the HEIC files were located to get them into Preview. Any search I did for Preview did not show anything, but when I went to the Photos app they were there. I will try again.

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