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How Do I Copy a Music CD To an External Hard Drive?

Hi Gary,
If you have answered this before, I apologize ahead of time. I would like to ‘digitize’ my music CD collection – around 100 CD’s. I want to copy the music to an external hard drive so as to not take up space on my computer HD (and glut my iTunes app). I am using a mid 2011 iMac desktop with High Sierra and have several external HD’s that I could use.
I’ve looked at You Tube video’s for help but most seem to discuss and show moving your iTunes app (with all contents) to an external HD. I don’t want to move my iTunes, I just want to copy a music CD to an external HD (or a flash drive for use in a vehicle).
Thanks for your time,
Harlan Mumma

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    6 years ago

    It sounds like you just want to rip the CDs using iTunes and then just have iTunes set up with your media files somewhere else. Here is a tutorial that could help. You may find it easier to rip them with the default iTunes setting of having them on the local drive, and then just move them afterwards. Perhaps consider working with only one CD first until you get it going the way you want. Then do the other 99.

    Moving Your iTunes Media To an External Drive

    Harlan Mumma
    6 years ago

    Thanks Gary for getting back with me so quickly. I watched the video and will try the technique. As I still want to keep music on my internal HD, I'll try the 'manually managing' the media boxes and let you know how it comes out. Thanks again!

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