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How Do I Copy a Row To Another Sheet If a Certain Cell Has a Value In It?

I have a pricing spreadsheet that includes lots of different sizes of air conditioner systems. What I do is to enter a quantity, and that generates a price. At the bottom is a total of just the items I priced out. I want to find a way to copy only the lines with a quantity value in them to another page so that only the items I am pricing show up.
Jim Spence

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    11 years ago

    You probably don't need to copy the rows at all. You can do that in place.
    Numbers has the ability to hide rows or columns.
    Select all of the rows, or just the ones that list quantity and price like you mention. Then choose Table, Show Reorganize Panel.
    In that panel, look for the "Show rows that match the following" and set it to whatever you like. Something like the column with the quantity is greater than 0.
    Then any row that has a quantity of 0 will disappear. They are still there, just hidden. You can select the range of rows and turn this feature off.
    The result will give you a sheet that only has those items on it. Now you can cpy and paste from here. But I'm thinking that this gives you what you want without copying and pasting if the tables on the page are arranged nicely.

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