Forum Question: How Do I Copy My Left Channel Audio To My Right Channel Audio?

I have a project where my wireless mike had a bad hum in it and would like to replace that channel with the with the camera mike audio.
How does one copy one track of audio to another? Final cut pro x
Peter Lelievre

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    3/21/12 @ 1:32 pm

    You wouldn’t copy it at all. You would delete it (or silence it) and then lay down the other audio track as a second track.
    You can even use multitrack to sync the two up first. Try it.

      Peter L
      3/21/12 @ 2:18 pm

      Thats what i thought but i don’t know how to copy the one good track and add it to my timeline

        3/21/12 @ 3:02 pm

        So you’ve got two tracks of audio from two mics and the same camera? How’d you manage that? Usually, when you plug in an external mic it replaces the internal one.

          Peter L
          3/22/12 @ 7:24 am

          I have 2 mic inputs on my camera (XLR)when i connect my wireless mike on channel 1 and connect my mic mounted on my camera on channel 2 i have my 2 channels with different audio tracks. This time i had some kind of noice on my wireless that i would like to get out of my video.
          I just don’t know how to silence 1 audio track and copy the good track to the other channel that i just silenced.
          I know i can lower the audio i just don’t know how to do it to only one channel.

            3/22/12 @ 8:23 am

            So you are saying that one mic is the left channel and the other is the right? Have you tried brining the source video into GarageBand to have a look?
            I’d look through all of the sound options for Final Cut Pro X and see what can be done. Maybe go to a Final Cut Pro X forum where some FCPX experts may be able to help.

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