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How Do I Copy My Yahoo Emails To a Memory Stick?

am trying to copy emails to a memory stick from yahoo or from bigpond using my mac

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    2 years ago

    Are you using the Mac Mail app? Are you looking to just create an archive of old emails messages?

    You can choose a mailbox in the left sidebar. For me, would just choose my Archive mailbox as everything is in there. But you may have things divided into different mailboxes when you move a message out of your Inbox, so you may need to select multiple mailboxes.

    Then, go to Mailbox, Export Mailbox. This will save the email messages out to a standard format. You can export them directly to a folder on your external drive.

    However, note that what you get depends on your email server and how you have things set up. For instance, I’m using modern email (iCloud, Gmail) which is IMAP-like and all of my email is on the server. I have Gmail set to give me the latest 5,000 messages locally. But there are 100,000+ on the server. So if I were to try this I would likely just get those 5,000 recent messages. If I really wanted to create an archive for some reason, I would go to the Gmail website and they have a function there to create a complete archive and download it.

    2 years ago

    thanks Gary will give your suggestions a try, much appreciated

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