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How Do I Copy the Text Of a Link Without Copying the URL?

I track my package deliveries with the Parcel app, so I need to copy the tracking numbers and paste them, but the tracking numbers in Mail and Safari websites are always links to their respective companies’ websites. How do I copy the text of a link without copying the entire link URL? Thanks for the help!
Zero Ehxe

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    5 years ago

    So you see a long number in the email or on a site, and if you click it it takes you to the tracking page, and if you Control+click it and Copy it copies the link. If you want to just copy the number, you'll need to select just before or after the number, drag to select it, and then Copy. It usually helps if you do the Command+c to copy while still holding down the mouse or trackpad.

    So click just before the number, hold down, drag to the right to select the number, still holding down, Command+c to copy, then release. By releasing after, you insure that you copy before any web page code activates that may take you to the link. It may not be necessary, but sometimes it helps.

    Or, you could just click the link and then usually the page you end up at has the code as plain text and you can copy from there.

    Or, you could Control+click and copy the link, then paste it into something like TextEdit or Notes. Then you can usually pick out the tracking number in the link and copy that.

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