Forum Question: How Do I Copy/paste In iOS5 Safari From One Text Window To Next?

I’m using Safari to work in a web-based educational portal. I’ve been careful to clear cookies and history and minimize apps running in background. When I select/copy text from one text window and paste to another, all I get is random text from some earlier select/copy session performed days earlier. Why will my clipboard not clear and accept the most recently copied text?
Jerry Holt

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    12/11/11 @ 1:22 pm

    For iOS copy and paste basics, see episode 254: See episode 254
    But it sounds like you already know how to do that. So it is a matter of why are you not getting the results you expected.
    Have you tried to do it for something besides that one example? Try it in the Notes app, for instance.
    What I suspect is that you are trying to copy something from a specific web page, and that web page’s developer has disabled copy text on that page, or is putting something else in the buffer when you try to copy. That is something you can do when designing a web page. So maybe try another page and see if the same thing happens.

    Jerry Holt
    12/11/11 @ 2:02 pm

    Hi Gary, Thanks for your prompt assessment and suggestions. I failed to mention that I authored the text to the web-based app. I should have rights for copying that since I can edit it, etc. However, when I try to copy my text and copy it to a another area of the web-based program, I get only some random text from earlier copy/paste effort. When I try copying to iPad2 note app, I get the same random text and not what I wanted to copy. I can’t figure out how to clear my clipboard or “buffer” which I thought should be automatic with every “copy” function. Thanks for your consideration!

      12/11/11 @ 8:27 pm

      A web-based app? Like Google Docs? It is probably the case then that copying from that page is saving a special form of data that can then be used by that app. So in other words the web-based app is not copying data to the buffer in a way that iOS can then use elsewhere. I’d contact the app developer, of you can, and report this as a bug.

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