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How Do I Correct the Error Of 502 Bad Gateway?

I cannot dispose of an error: 502 Bad Gateway so I am blocked from the

I am prevented from connecting to by a 502 bad gateway error. This prevents me from using Apple devices and programs.

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    2 years ago

    Hard to say what could be causing that for you. I assume you tried to refresh the page, and have quit and launched Safari.

    1. Can you check on another computer or device in your house to see if it is just that Mac? If it is all devices, it could be your network equipment. Try rebooting it. Maybe try that anyway.

    2. Can you try another browser on your Mac?

    3. Can you try to clear your browser history and cookies? You can only clear the cookies (Website Data) for first to see if that is all that is needed.

    4. Try rebooting your Mac.

    5. Do you have any browser extensions installed? If so, try disabling them and restarting your browser.

    6. Are you using any special DNS server settings on your Mac in System Preferences, Network, Wi-Fi, Advanced, DNS?

    7. If still nothing, what happens if you restart in Safe mode and try it? If that works, then restart into regular mode and see if that fixed it. If not, then something you have installed (system extensions, "cleaner" or AV software) is causing the issue.

    8. What happens if you create another user account on your Mac and try it?

    If all of that fails, give Apple Support a call.

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