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How Do I Create a Collection Of Phone Numbers Using Contacts?

I am accustomed to using contacts with my iMac, at least for email. However, I only recently bought an iPhone SE and am unable to find a way to make a collection of phone numbers. I want to use the word “group” but that seems to have a different meaning in this context. I want to be able to make a collection of phone numbers such as MEDICAL which would then allow me to quickly see apthe numbers I have placed there (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies etc). I was able to make a custom listing like this with my android phone. How about with iOS?

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    3 years ago

    You could use Groups for this. The main reason people use Groups is so they can send an email to all of the people in the Group at once. But you don’t ever have to use that. You can add a bunch of contacts to the “Medical” group. Then you can tap the Groups button in the Contacts app, then view the Medical Group, and see those numbers.

    The problem will be that you can’t create or modify groups on the iPhone. You have to do it on your Mac.

    Another thing you could try is to simply add some keyword to each contact you want, like “Medical.” You can add it as a Note for that contact. Then on your iPhone it is easy to search and come up with just those contacts that match. So if you put the word “Medical” or something more unique like “MedicalGroup” (one word) into the note for 10 contacts, then search for “MedicalGroup” at the top of the Contacts app, you’ll see those 10. You could also use another field instead of Notes. Maybe something like Department or some such that you aren’t using.

    Mike W
    3 years ago

    I just used your suggestion to add a word such as “family” in the notes block for several contacts. It worked great! When I went to contacts and typed into the search block “family”, the family contacts appeared. I can now create other notes like this. The only problem is that I have to recall the key word. For example, I don’t use this as a feature so much, so I’ll need to recall if my banks were listed under “finance” or “bank”.

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