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How Do I Create a Conditional Formatting Of Currencies?

Hello everyone,
I am using Numbers where I created a table with two columns. The cells of the first column contain a drop-down menu with a list of currencies. What I am looking for is a way to set the currency format of the cells in the second column based on the values of the cells in the first column. To be more explicit, it would be a conditional formatting to set up currencies based on another cell value.
Please let me know if it is possible in Numbers.
Thanks a lot.

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    3 years ago

    You can't change the format of one cell based on the value of the other. But you don't really need to do this either. Just place the value using the right currency symbol in the cell in the first place.

    So if you want the cell to use dollars, type $60. If you want it to use Euros, type €60. If you want to use Yen, type ¥60. If you aren't sure why symbol to type, you can always just format that entire column as "Currency" to begin with, just type a number, and then go to Format, Cell on the right and choose the currency from the drop-down there.

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