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How Do I Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut To Export vCards?

Create a keyboard shortcut for exporting vCards? I have tried about 30+ different combos suggested on apple tech support page with no success.

I will be exporting a lot of vCards for backup and sharing with another computer.

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    3 years ago

    I don't know if a keyboard shortcut is really what you want here. If you want to export vCards from the Contacts app for backup or sharing, then just select the ones you want, drag them out of the Contacts app to the Desktop or a Finder window, and drop. That creates a vcf file with all of those contacts. That's a nice backup and a good way to transfer them. You can grab and drop that single file into Contacts on another Mac and they all get added.

    If you want to set a keyboard shortcut for the File, Export, Export vCards... menu command, then go to System Preferences to do that. In Keyboard, Shortcuts you can set it just like any other. Just use "Export vCards..." as the text for the menu item. Set it to just Contacts, but if that doesn't work try setting it for All Applications and that should work better.

    But then you just get a keyboard shortcut for that menu item. Since you'd need to select the contacts first, and then choose a location for the export, it is still easier to do the drag and drop method.

    3 years ago

    OK...setting the Contacts Export Shortcut in the All Applications group worked. This must be new feature (bug?) in Big Sur because my other Shortcuts that are in other apps that I set before Big Sur are still visible and working. I prefer using a keyboard shortcut instead of drag/drop because my hands are sometimes on the keyboard using other shortcuts. Thank You

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