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How Do I Create a Dinamic Offer Using Sheets As Databases In Numbers?

Hello, i`m a designer and producer of small furniture and i am trying to create a tool, in Numbers, to easily make offers.
I have some sheets that i would like to use as databases :

* Materials:
Name; Type; Length ; Width; Thickness ; Price / Square meter; Price / Sheet

* Services:
Service; Price/Hour

So basically i want to create a sheet in which i would like to add(type) in a list, materials and services, (preferably having the type suggest function from my materials and services databases).
After adding all the informations i would like to have a nice list with all the needs, and a total value calculated from items in my databases.

I saw some videos that you already made but they don’t actually solve my need. Having a pop-up Menu with items from my databases is not so efficient because the list of materials is long and i lose time scrolling to reach the needed material.

I want to add that i am willing to share the tool in the end, being very useful !
Crisan Catalin

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    4 years ago

    I think the video I have that is closest to what you want is this one:

    If using pop-up menus to much, then just do without it. Instead type or copy-and-paste the value you want into the box.

    But other than that it sounds like you want something very specific and I'm not going to be able to understand what you need exactly with just the short description. You're going to have to work at it. Instead of asking "how do I build this entire thing" which is hard to answer, perhaps try asking (here in the comments) about individual aspects of what you are trying to do. Pieces, not the entire project.

    Crisan Catalin
    4 years ago

    Hello Gary, Thanks you for the answer,

    Is there a way to type into a cell and while typing to have suggestions from another sheet or list of items ?

    4 years ago

    Crisan: Not easily, no. You have to populate the pop-up type cell manually.

    Catalin Crisan
    4 years ago

    I've been using the search function, as you presented in another video, and i managed to sort my database of materials gradually by typing the type of the material and thickness. Now, with the result displayed, how can i move/copy the row to my offer list of needs ?
    I am planing to use a sheet with materials as a database and to populate other sheet "the offer list" with results gradually added from my searches.
    Do you think is a good ideea or manageable ?
    Thanks Gary for your patience !

    4 years ago

    Catalin: Really hard for me to say if this is the best way to do it. I'd have to see it all in action and understand more about what you are trying to do. Even then, I'm not the one doing it so I may not be the best to judge.
    Not sure what you mean by "how can I move/copy the row" -- how is what you want to do different than what you get when you just copy and paste?

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