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How Do I Create a File That Runs Similar To a .bat File On a PC?

I want to write a script that will move folders and files from the folder the user is in into their preferences folder for an application.

I hope to make this files something that the user can just double click on it and it will move the files.
This is for an animation class that I’m teaching that will move files from their location to the software app (Maya from Autodesk) preference folder.

I’ve created a .bat file that will do this on the PC but, because of my limited knowledge of developing on a mac, I can’t quite figure it out :(

Mike Gasaway

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    4 years ago

    You have many options. The main one is to use Automator to do it. You can create a workflow there to move files from one location to another. But if you have never used it, you will need to take the time to learn it. Lots to learn.

    You can also do things with the Terminal, writing shell scripts or scripts in a variety of languages. Not sure what you know already, so it is hard to advise there.

    Keep in mind that you may have some security issues there. Maybe not. It depends where this preference folder is located. Typically, a well-done app wouldn't want you to manually mess with any of its support folders. It could lead to problems.

    Mike Gasaway
    4 years ago

    Thanks so much for getting back so quickly. I was checking out Automator so I was on the right track:)

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