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How Do I Create a Multiple-line Title In Numbers?

Do you know a way to make a multiple-line title for a table? I have tried option->return like I would to make a second line in a cell, but that doesn’t seem to work in the Title field, and I can’t find any format setting that would enable this. Thanks.

I would like to make my title field for this table span three different lines ex:

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    2 years ago

    You can do it, but there is an issue.

    To get more than one line, first make the title space larger. Do that by grabbing the line between the "1" (indicating row 1) in the left side and the title above it. It is the only place you can grab and then drag down to increase the height of the title.

    Now to type a new line in the title, use Shift+Return instead of Option+Return. Not sure why it is different, but Shift+Return is a common alternative when Option+Return doesn't work in some places. Turns out it works here.

    Now the problem is in styling. If you set the first like to be big and bold and the second line small and plain, that won't matter. It will seem to work but then all become the same style when you exit the title field.

    The alternative that I like is to simply not use the title field at all. Instead, create a text box and just place that above the table. You can do whatever you want in the text box with no restrictions.

    2 years ago

    Thank you Gary this worked great - I also found a workaround where I could make a new single-cell table that had multiple lines in the single cell. Then I pasted that in the title of the same table and it took all three lines. Then I just copied the data into that table. Your solution worked for me too. Thanks so much. It had been driving me crazy. :)

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