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How Do I Create a One Separate PDF File From a Large PDF File Of 50 or More Pages?

Is there a way to save a single page from a PDF files with many pages (ex: 50) as a completely separate file? I have Songbooks (PDF) from many resources and would like to use only a few pages for downloading rather than the entire PDF book file. Thank you.

I prepare a song playlist weekly to send out for our Ukulele group and would like to have the smaller individuals pdf files to send rather than the entire (free) songbook. Some of them have over 300 pages.
Ellen Robertson

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    2 years ago

    Open the PDF in Preview. If you don't see the thumbnails listed as a left sidebar, choose View, Thumbnails to bring that up. Then click on the page in the thumbnails that you want. Then choose Edit, Copy or Command+c. Then choose File, New From Clipboard. This will create a new document from that one page. Now you can save it as a new file.

    2 years ago

    Any idea why this technique produces a new document with 2 identical pages? When I close the new document, I have to dismiss 2 consecutive dialogs that ask if I want to save the files untitled 1 and untitled 2.

    2 years ago

    JC: I can't think of why you would have 2 documents. I only get one. Does the second document also have the copied content?

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